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We just do it straight now...

The Summer of Love, Haight Ashbury, People’s Park, Woodstock and the Monterey Pop Festival, influenced society and the music of our time forever. This music is the inspiration of Chubby’s All Stars. Groups like the Dead, Bob Dylan, The Band, Traffic, Cream, The Beatles and many others fit nicely into the Chubby Scheme! “Not many groups even attempt to do the songs and style of music we do,” says Chubby Rogers, Founder and Keyboard player.


“We just do it straight now and remember what we did!”


The band consists of Front Man and Vocalist "Grateful" Don Potter (Bay Area Radio personality of thirty years), Mark “Fenny” Fenichel (of KFOX Fame) on Harmonica. Ken St. George on Electric Guitar, Veteran George Alfs on Bass, Big Red Morris on Lead Guitar, and “Super Drummer” Kirk Harwood (He toured with Steve Miller and Norton Buffalo for two years). Plus local “Jazz Great” David Ladd joins the band on many occasions adding Flute and Saxophone. 

The band is known for their strong Rhythms and Harmonies; as well as, their ability to explore many interesting and creative improvisations. Don’t miss the Fat Sounds of Chubby’s All Stars…coming to an event near you!

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